Should I use an agent from an education agency for my Universities’ applications?

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First and foremost, I would like to state that I am working as an agent myself, so some of you may decide that this post is somewhat biased. I am, however, once an international student as well, therefore I am speaking from a student’s perspective.

To start off…

What is an education agency?

An education agency is an agency of counsellors that assist and guides international students in securing a place in an Institution. Some agencies might charge a service fee, but there are also a number of agencies in Singapore that does not charge students – they get their commission from the Universities they represent.

Now that you know what an education agency is, you should ask yourself if you are independent and knowledgeable enough to go through the applications, acceptance and visa process on your own. If you have concluded that you are, then there might be no need to engage one.

There are, however, so many benefits to engaging an agency!

  • Most of them have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Institutions you are planning to enter. They can also provide alternative options to help you make a more informed decision;
  • They can check with the Universities’ representatives if there is any chance in appealing your case (depends on the agency);

  • Most application fees are waived off if applied through an agency (if you applied on your own, you can’t enjoy this perk!);

  • They gather all the documents you need for your applications;
  • Assist you with the acceptance process;

  • Guide you through the documents you need to apply for the visa application online;

  • Facilitate in making an on-campus, or student accommodation booking for you;

  • Conduct pre-departure seminars to gather students going to the same destination and brief them on what to prepare before departure.

Engaging an education counsellor allows you to have a second eye to make sure that your applications are thorough during application. This assistance is definitely something priceless!

Nevertheless, it is essential for you to do your research on the agency you would be engaging (especially if you are paying for one). Look up at the list of Institutions they represent.

When choosing one, I also suggest you ask for references, check up on social medias for testimonials. If other students are happy with the service, chances are you will be as well.

Still not sure if you should engage one? Ask me for more details about what I can do for you!


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