I can’t get into the Masters due to my grades, what can I do?

First and foremost, DON’T PANIC!

There is always an option, it is simply a matter of time and to a certain extent, finances. If you are looking to further your studies with a Masters in the UK but did not meet the entry requirements, then your best option is the Pre-Masters!


What is the Pre-Masters in the UK?
A pre-master’s course in the UK is designed to prepare students who wants to pursue their master’s degree in the UK. It provides one with academic tools such as academic writing, advanced research skills, time management and basic knowledge of academic terminologies thus prepares you for a master’s degree. One would have to choose the subject related to the master’s programme that he/she wishes to pursue to satisfy the requirements. After the successful completion of the pre-master’s course, a student is guaranteed an admission to that program. You can continue either in the same school to do your master’s degree, or you can get admission in other schools as well. It is usually an intensive two-term or three-term program (roughly a year long). 

Who is this program designed for? 
The most obvious reason would be for students who did not meet the academic qualifications required for the Masters program. This would encompass the following:

  • graduating from a non-Honours background;
  • failing the English requirements.

However there are various other reasons that students may undertake the program:

  • wishes to switch the discipline from your undergraduate degree to postgraduate degree;
  • take more time to adapt to the University’s style of teaching;
  • brush up on English skills especially if you are moving to a country that is non-English speaking. 

Entry requirements for Pre-Masters
It varies from the courses one wishes to undertake and the Institution/ Provider providing the program. Usually the requirements are:

  • An undergraduate degree with a pass
  • IELTS UKVI score 5.5

Popular courses for Pre-Masters
The options are myriads; here are a few:

  • Business programs such as Business and Social Studies, Economics and Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering programs such as Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering
  • Humanities and Art programs such as Hospitality, Leisure, Recreation & Tourism,  Design Management, Advertising Design Management, Fashion Management and Global Media Management

If you think these courses are for you or if you have some doubts you need clarifying, feel free to contact me


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