The ESSENTIALS to bring before departure


My students get daunted each time they realise they only have 30kg to check in. I can truly connect with the panic – not knowing how much clothes to bring, what kind of clothes to even pack, should you bring cutleries and crockeries, how about spices and asian comfort food?

Regardless of the number of clothes, crockeries and food you may wish to bring, there are some essential that must not be missed!

In this post, I will list the 5 essential things every international student should not forget out on bringing!

1) Electronics

Get your laptops, handset all from here. Singapore is known to be an affordable electronics base so get your gadgets before flying! If you ever need to repair your electronics, you can always fly back home during the summer or winter break to get them repaired. Some brands have branches overseas that will allow you to utilise their services as well.

2) Stationeries

You can definitely get stationeries in all countries, but it could be more affordable to stock up on pens, pencils (paint brushes, watercolors palettes and the such), notebooks here in Singapore. Head to Bras Basah Complex to shop at the big Popular bookstore to get these!

3) A week worth of toiletries and bed sheets

pexels-photo-212269.jpeg  pexels-photo-458593.jpeg






Unless you are planning to immediately get some things the moment you land, it would be essential to buy some travel toiletries and a set of bed and pillow sheets. There is no need to stock up in big bulks – just something to last you for a week until you find your way around. Once you do, you can head to Target or Kmart for your essentials in Australia, Tesco, Asdam and Sainsbury in the UK and Kmart and Warehouse in New Zealand. Options are plenty!

4) International Travel Plug 


No explanation needed. This is to plug in all your electronics for charging. If you’re smart, get a multi outlet power strip! 

5) Cold cash

Get some money changed here just in case you need to pay for anything once you reach your destination. Such purchases could involve hailing a taxi, getting some food on the way, or small payments to be made for the first few weeks before you open up a bank account. A good amount would be between SGD$3000 to SGD$6000 (the conversion at the moment is divided by 1.8 for the Great British Pounds, 1.3 for Australian dollars, and almost similar for New Zealand dollars).

Hope that eases the pain of packing. Look out for my next post on What NOT to bring before leaving to study!



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